Our Philosophy


We are in integrated programme, bound by a shared sense of mission. These are the central tenets of our approach.

  • We teach performance music education. Our goals are inclusion. Our focus is on creativity and self expression, with technical skills a means to an end rather than an end in themselves.


  • Our approach is relational, using personal connection as means of engagement. We do not attempt to force information, but instead help unlock that which they are already carrying.


‘Education does not consist in creating for the student faculties that he does not possess, but rather in empowering him to draw the most that is possible from the faculties he does possess.‘ – Emile-Jacques Dalcroze


  • We work on the basis of Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner), allowing those whose strengths aren’t necessarily in logical/mathematical processing an opportunity to shine on an equal footing. As a result our experience is that frequently young people who struggle in conventional pedagogy excel in our sessions.


  • This model relies on a core team who have been selected for having –
    • An Open and Creative Musicality
    • A musical specialism to high level
    • Positive Drive
    • Emotional Intelligence

These practitioners work on the basis of –

  • Bringing their true selves into the room (not a role/persona)
  • Meeting participants where they are at
  • Talking to them as people

Each tutor has a variety of techniques and skills at their disposal and employ those that will suit a given context. They harness our own creativity and experience to adapt to the needs of the group in any given moment.


  • All our sessions are practical – hands on music making


I hear and I forget, I see and I remember I do and I understand – Chinese proverb