Creative Centre Online – New Resource for Summer 2020

ding at the heart of Limerick City.

We have now brought the Creative Centre Online.

We are building an equally unique music-making facility and community, accessible from anywhere; open to everyone.

The Creative Centre Online has a mix of resources, including video tutorials, background

  • ‘This is Me’ – Introductions from all our musicians, featuring background about how they came into music and short performances
  • ‘How I write’ – music creation tips from members of our musicians team.
  • ‘How to Play’ – a series of tutorials on how to play different pieces of music – for guitar, keys, ukulele, voice – for a range of different ages and levels.
  • ‘How to Use’ – guides to making music on a range of free software apps.

In addition the Creative Centre Online is hosting a series of interactive projects across the summer of 2020. These include –

  • Drawing Music – a collaborative art and composition project for children in 4th to 6th
  • Pass the rhyme / Endrhyme challenge – interactive rap writing with Murli (national school age) and Godknows (teenagers).
  • Songwriters Forum – a space for teenage music creators to share and collaborate.


The Creative Centre Online is housed here –

Sign-up to get involved, or have a look with the username Visitor and password MGLC.

The various projects can also be supplied as a Youtube playlist on request.