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Music Generation Limerick City’s Creative Centre hosts weekday sessions offering small group and individual lessons in a range of instruments plus songwriting, beats-making, dj skills, improvisation and general musicianship skills.

The tutors are Music Generation’s team of professional musicians. During the day they visit schools and universities running music creativity workshops. In the evening they turn their talents to individual and small group teaching.

Sessions blend the best aspects of a music school with MGLC’s creativity lead approach, which has proved so successful in engaging and retaining young people.

The cost is €8 per week. This membership fee entitles participants to

  • A weekly lesson on an instrument of their choice (from a selection of keys, guitar, ukulele, singing, rap, beatsmaking, DJ skills and drums). Younger members and beginners are taught in groups of 1-3 students of equal age and experience level. Intermediate and advanced students receive individual lessons.
  • Free Membership of MGLC groups they wish to attend. MGLC ensembles include singing, improv group, songwriters forum, rap cipher and drum ensemble
  • Access to the Creative Centre production suite. This covers the top floor of the building and contains macbooks, ipads, recording equipment and everything else to get a start in making electronic music and recording. The suite is supervised by producers and djs who provide tuition and advice.

In addition Creative Centre members can avail of discount at a number of partner organisations including Music Shops and other service providers.


On Saturdays the Creative Centre hosts Limerick Voices. This is a space for teenagers to come and create their own music, guided by professional songwriters and producers. Limerick Voices is open to both members and non-members of the weekday Creative Centre sessions.


Further info 

Scheduling is done on a first come first served basis. Registration is now open. The first week of sessions starts Monday 10th September.

The fee of €8 per is paid in two instalments of €100 in September and January. This contribution represents 25% of programme cost. This is made possible thanks to support from the LCETB, Music Generation, JP Mcmanus Charitable foundation and the Limerick Regeneration Social Intervention Fund.

Lessons are open to all school-age children, from first class to 6th year.

Adult sessions are also available at separate time slots.

Our pre-school programme will launch shortly in a specially configured space in the grounds of Tait House.

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