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Music Generation Limerick City’s Creative Centre hosts weekday sessions offering small group and individual lessons in a range of instruments plus songwriting, beats-making, dj skills, improvisation and general musicianship skills.  The tutors are Music Generation’s team of professional musicians.

Sessions blend the best aspects of a music school with MGLC’s creativity lead approach, which has proved so successful in engaging and retaining young people.


On Saturdays the Creative Centre hosts Limerick Voices. This is a space for teenagers to come and create their own music, guided by professional songwriters and producers. Limerick Voices is open to both members and non-members of the weekday Creative Centre sessions.


  •  We will be holding information and registration sessions on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th September between 4pm and 6pm on a drop-in basis.
  • The Autumn term will run from week of 23rd September until the week of 2nd December, with a week off at mid-term.
  • The cost of the term is €100 for group lessons or€150 for individual lessons. Discounts are available for second instruments and siblings. 50% of programme cost. This is made possible thanks to support from the LCETB and Music Generation.
  • Lessons are open to all school-age children, from first class to 6th year.
  • Adult sessions are also available at separate time slots.

Registration Form