Five Years of Limerick Voices

teensoutsidebus5 years ago, Music Generation Limerick City launched a new kind of teen song-writing programme.

We provided a physical and creative space for young people to develop their own ideas, rather than following ours.  Instead of talking, we listened.

Hundreds of young people have now passed through the programme – initially based on a double-decker bus, now at the Creative Centre in the historic Athenaeum building.

A lot can happen in five years. A lot did happen in five years.   Young musicians brought, shared and shaped their stories. Shy people found confidence. Lonely people found connection. Unheard people found a voice. Creative people found company.

A succession of unforgettable gigs – Dolans, Arthurs Quay, the Belltable, the Boardwalk, Pery Square, the Milkmarket, Cork and Belfast told a story of a rising wave of confidence and craic coming in Limerick’s youth music scene.

On the weekend of October 19th and 20th we are taking a moment to celebrate what has been achieved with 2 events at 1314 thirteen fourteen.

The first will feature 2 of the most exciting groups of musicians who came through the programme – Powpig and the rappers/producers now working with PX Music. This event (at 6pm on Saturday 19th) is free but ticketed – if you want to come along send us a message.

The second is the long-awaited launch of Limerick Voices Vol 2. Following up 2017’s Limerick Voices Vol 1, we will feature a range of the current crop of young musicians making exciting new music. This event is 2pm and open to all.

To find out more email