New Term at the Creative Centre

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Music Generation Limerick City’s Creative Centre hosts weekday sessions offering small group and individual lessons in a range of instruments plus songwriting, beats-making, dj skills, improvisation and general musicianship skills.  The tutors are Music Generation’s team of professional musicians.

Sessions blend the best aspects of a music school with MGLC’s creativity lead approach, which has proved so successful in engaging and retaining young people.

We are launching this term with two information and registration days on September 10th and 11th between 4 and 6pm.

The Autumn term will run from week of 23rd September until the week of 2nd December, with a week off at mid-term.

The cost of the term is €100 for group lessons or€150 for individual lessons. Discounts are available for second instruments and siblings. 50% of programme cost. This is made possible thanks to support from the LCETB and Music Generation.

Lessons are open to all school-age children, from first class to 6th year.  Adult sessions are also available at separate time slots.

Download Registration Form and email it to