Live Experiences

Live experiences has been at the core of our activities from the outset. For the new strategy we are bringing our live calendar under a single strand. This performance strand involves the performance elements of the other two  whilst also drawing upon the musicians on the team who bring live music experiences to people and places otherwise unserved. This breaks down into-

  • Performance workshops- mentoring and support of performance music groups. Including developmental sessions for teen bands and singing groups and one-off initial engagement sessions.
  • Limerick Voices gigs- performances that act as showcases for young people in our programme, with a distinctive blend of different styles, alternating stages and professional performers programmed in amongst the young people.
  • Backline band gigs – The group is a flexible ensemble comprising the professional musicians of the tutor team. The band brings high quality music experiences to a wide range of community, healthcare, civic, charity and cultural settings.