MGLC Uke & bucket band

Ukuleles have a special place in the heart and mind or Music Generation Limerick City. An MGLC party is a ukulele party, and rare is the programme in which a uke doesn’t regularly pop up like a magic miniaturised guitar.

One ukulele is a thing of beauty – lots of ukulele’s an unstoppable force. Which is why we formed the Ukulele orchestra – a cluster of sonic sophistication and driving grooves.

There is only one instrument capable of mixing it with multiple ukuleles – the bucket. Similar to a drum, but more buckety, the bucket both makes a load noise (if hit) and after the gig can be turned over and used to carry things.

The Ukulele and Bucket band is a concept formed in Limerick that will shortly take over the world.

Watch this page for updates.