Southill Song – ‘Love Life’

The following music video features young people aged 10-17years from the Southill Club2gether Youth Project based in Southill Area Centre, that work weekly with Music Generation Limerick City Tutors in the centres weekly music Hub.
In the video the group perform the song ‘Love Life’ which they wrote from scratch and recorded on-site over two 4 hour sessions during the Easter holidays.

This was the first time that this group of 20 musicians ever came together to perform.

The song features guitarists, ukulele players, drummers, singers, keyboard players and rappers, all of whom attend the weekly music programme based in Southill Area Centre.

The idea of the workshop was to encourage these young people who usually concentrate on their own instrument and singing to come together and work as a group and by doing so learn from each other and try new things.

One young man picked up a Ukulele for the first time during the camp and he became a natural player overnight. It goes to prove that if you give something a try and are willing to work hard at it, you can succeed.